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We know that computers are an essential tool for doing business:

  • They have to be effective business tools.
  • They have to be reliable.
  • They have to be realistically priced.

     We tackle these challenges with business desktops from our close partner Hewlett Packard, plus laptops from HP as well as other manufacturers such as Lenovo and Dell. Longer warranties, components rated for “all day” use, and features oriented towards business use are just some of the elements we balance when installing PCs into a business environment.

Professional Workstations

     Engineering, Architecture, Graphic Art, Digital Content Creation, Science, Visual Simulation, Media and Entertainment. You don’t use ordinary computers: your work demands Professional Workstations. If you work in these fields and have yet to acquire your first true workstation, you are missing out on productivity, which equals time, which equals money.

                    ICS has been deploying workstations since the very dawn of CAD/CAM. Today, at the heart of every Professional                                Workstation, is graphics hardware made specifically for your industry. At ICS we partner with industry giant NVIDIA to deliver                  solutions which are truly the best bang-for-buck for your particular application. We offer complete solutions from industry                      leader Hewlett Packard, plus our own Intel builds, which offer a tremendous performance-per-dollar.

Document Systems

     From simple desktop monochrome laser printers to enterprise class multifunction units, ICS will match your office with the best solution from Hewlett Packard, Okidata, Xerox, or Brother. Let us show you how we can lower your operating costs and revolutionize your document management.

Visual Displays

     ICS has extensive experience and resources for turning your boardroom into a multimedia tool you can use to enhance the productivity of internal meetings and impress your clients and guests. From projectors – both portable and “installed” – to motorized screens, to the latest plasma and LCD big screens, ICS is truly your one-stop-shop for Information Technology.

     Think Digital Signage is only for nationwide chains and airports? More and more small businesses are realizing the potential of digital signage, even in single locations. Whether it’s to engage browsing customers or to inform employees, digital signage has tremendous possibilities and is more affordable than ever. Call us today for a consultation.

Network & Servers

     At the heart of every business are one or more servers and a network tying it all together. Even small offices with as few as five employees are using entry-level servers to store and backup files, coordinate schedules, and facilitate work-from-home options. No other single component is as important as your server(s) and your network.

Server Hardware

     ICS has been deploying and supporting servers for companies both large and small for over 30 years. We know how important they are and the value of the data they handle. We simply refuse to compromise when it comes to servers. Only true server designs from Hewlett Packard are offered as well as our own very high-end Intel builds when appropriate.

Server Software

     From the latest Microsoft Server 2019 series to cutting edge server virtualization from VMware, we are able to pull together the best, most cost effective and functional server solution for your business.

Network Security

     In an ever more connected world, network security is no long restricted to the largest of corporations. Whether protecting confidential data or restricting employee Internet access, we will shape a solution specific to your business needs. We offer security appliances from WatchGuard, Cisco, and others.

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