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Google Chrome To Launch New Ad Blocker Today

Google Chrome To Launch New Ad Blocker Today

Google Chrome will launch it’s new ad blocker today after announcing it last June. This new ad blocker aims to filter out websites that simply throw ads out at a means to make an easy profit. It’s also not designed to outperform or replace higher end ad blockers, it’s just a means for Chrome to allow a friendly user experience for users simply browsing the internet. Here’s how it works…

  • Will utilize a blacklist to filter sites with intrusive ads
  • If the site is on the list, it blocks the ads
  • Google will scan sites periodically to find out how they display the ads
  • Sites will be added to the blacklist if the ads do not adhere to the Better Ads Standard
What this means for site owners…
  • Website owners who are registered on the Google Search Console can access an Ad Experience Report
  • If the site ends up on the blacklist a notification is displayed in the report.
  • Website owners have 30 days to fix the issue and reevaluate

Not all users are going to see the update right away, however a new tab will be added in the chrome://settings/content tab. 

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